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List Description
Accessibility Accessibility
Advisors [no description available]
Announce OpenStreetMap Announcements
dev OpenStreetMap developer discusssion
dev-fr Discussions développeur OSM en français
dev-italia Discussioni OpenStreetMap per sviluppatori - in italiano
Diversity-talk Discussion about diversity in OSM, in all it's forms.
Geocoding Discussion of geocoding
Healthsites Building an open data commons of health facility data with OpenStreetMap
Historic The OpenHistoricalMap (OHM) listserv - OHM: mapping the world's history using OSM tools
HOT Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Hot-announce Important HOT announcements and updates only. Very low volume.
Hot-francophone Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team en français
Imports [no description available]
Imports-us US Import Committee Discussion List
Jeography Discussion about Jeography, a Java GIS and library for map UIs
josm-dev JOSM developer mailing list
Learnosm-coord [no description available]
Legal-general General discussions about alternative OSM licensing scenarios.
legal-talk Licensing and other legal discussions.
Local-chapters General discusion of topics relevant for (local) chapters of the OSM Foundation
LoroDux-dev LoroDux developers
machine-learning Conversations around machine learning and OpenStreetMap
Mapcss MapCSS implementers and stylesheet authors
MapRoulette MapRoulette general discussion and development
Merkaartor [no description available]
moderation This list has been discontinued.
Openhiking Mailing list to discuss tagging and rendering hiking trails using the OpenStreetMap Database
osm-professional A list about OSM in a professional (commercial, government, non-profit) sectors
OSM2World Discussion about OSM2World, the 3D renderer
Osm4j Discussion about osm4j, a lightweight Java programming framework for working with OSM data
osmcha-dev Discussion of OSMCha development and APIs (higher level talks, announcements of downtime and releases, etc)
osmosis-dev Osmosis development
OSRM-talk Mailing list to discuss Project OSRM
Outdoor-natural outdoor and natural features
party [no description available]
Photon Photon Geocoder
Potlatch-dev Potlatch development
rails-dev Discussion of rails port (web site) development
Rebuild NO LONGER ACTIVE. Temporary forum for technical discussion of process, tools and functionality for rebuilding the OSM database ready for ODbL change-over
Routing [no description available]
Science Discuss anything science related in the OpenStreetMap ecosystem
Sotm-asia Planning for SotM Asia
Strategic Fundraising, planning and strategy for OSMF
Tagging Tag discussion, strategy and related tools
Tagging-fr La liste de discussion OSM francophone sur le tagging
Taginfo-dev Taginfo Development
talk OpenStreetMap contributor and user discussion
Talk-af OSM Afghanistan
Talk-africa OSM in Africa
Talk-al OpenStreetMap mailing list of the Albanian speaking community
Talk-ar OpenStreetMap Argentina
Talk-Asia OpenStreetMap across Asia
Talk-at OpenStreetMap AT
Talk-au place for Aussie mappers to chat
Talk-ba OpenStreetMap Bosnia and Herzegovina
Talk-baltics Discussion on topics for three small baltic states - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Talk-bd OpenStreetMap Bangledesh
Talk-be OpenStreetMap Belgium
Talk-bf OpenStreetMap Burkina Faso
Talk-bi OpenStreetMap Burundi
Talk-bj Openstreetmap Bénin
Talk-blr OpenStreetMap Belarus
Talk-bo OpenStreetMap Bolivia
Talk-Bodensee osm im D-A-CH-Raum
Talk-br OpenStreetMap no Brasil
Talk-ca OSM Canada Talk
Talk-carib OpenStreetMap Caribbean
Talk-cat OpenStreetMap in catalan
Talk-cd OpenStreetMap Democratic Republic of the Congo, mostly in French - Discussions sur OSM en RDC
Talk-cf Liste de discussion sur OpenStreetMap en République Centrafricaine
Talk-CI OpenStreetMap Cote D'Ivoire(
Talk-cl OpenStreetMap Chile
Talk-cm OpenStreetMap Cameroun
Talk-cn OpenStreetMap China
Talk-co OpenStreetMap Colombia
Talk-cr OpenStreetMap Costa Rica
Talk-cu OpenStreetMap Cuba
talk-cz OpenStreetMap Czech Republic
Talk-de Openstreetmap allgemeines in Deutsch
Talk-dk OpenStreetMap Denmark
Talk-do Discusión sobre Cartografía de OSM en la República Dominicana. -- Discussion on OSM mapping in Haiti.
Talk-ee OpenStreetMap Estonia
Talk-es Discusión en Español de OpenStreetMap
Talk-ET General discussion for users in Ethiopia
talk-fi OSM-mapping Finland
Talk-fr Discussions sur OSM en français
Talk-fr-bzh This list concerns OSM users working on Brittany (BzH))
Talk-GB General discussion for users in Great Britain
Talk-gb-eastanglia General OSM discussions for East Anglia (UK)
Talk-gb-london UK regional talk list for Greater London
Talk-gb-midanglia Mapping discussions for East Anglia (UK)
Talk-gb-oxoncotswolds Oxford, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds
Talk-gb-thenorth OpenStreetMap UK regional talk list for the North of England
Talk-gb-westmidlands UK regional list for the West Midlands
talk-ge OpenStreetMap Georgia / Abkhazia / South Ossetia
Talk-gh OpenStreetMap Ghana
Talk-gr OpenStreetMap Greece - Ελληνική Ομάδα OSM
Talk-hn OpenStreetMap Honduras
Talk-hr OpenStreetMap Croatia
Talk-ht Discussion on/sur OSM mapping Haiti.
Talk-hu OpenStreetMap Hungary
Talk-id Diskusi OpenStreetMap dalam Bahasa Indonesia
Talk-ie Discussion of OpenStreetMap in Ireland
Talk-il [no description available]
Talk-in OpenStreetMap in India
Talk-iq OpenStreetMap Iraq
Talk-ir Iran Discussions in OpenStreetMap
Talk-is OpenStreetMap in Iceland
Talk-it openstreetmap list - italiano
Talk-it-appulo-lucana OpenStreetMap Italy regional talk list for Basilicata and Puglia - Lista regionale della Basilicata e della Puglia
Talk-it-bici OpenStreetMap Italy bicycle talk - Lista italiana per discutere di elementi legati alla bicicletta
Talk-it-cai OpenStreetMap Italian Alpine Club - Discussioni riguardanti la convenzione con il CAI
Talk-it-fvg OpenStreetMap Italy regional talk list for Friuli Venezia Giulia - Lista regionale del Friuli Venezia Giulia
Talk-it-lazio OpenStreetMap Italy regional talk list for Lazio - Lista regionale del Lazio
Talk-it-liguria OpenStreetMap Italy regional talk list for Liguria - Lista regionale del Liguria
Talk-it-lombardia OpenStreetMap Italy regional talk list for Lombardy - Lista regionale della Lombardia
Talk-it-marche OpenStreetMap Italy regional talk list for Marche - Lista regionale delle Marche
Talk-it-piemonte OpenStreetMap Italy regional talk list for Piemonte - Lista regionale del Piemonte
Talk-it-sardinia OpenStreetMap Italy regional talk list for Sardinia - Lista regionale della Sardegna
Talk-it-sicilia OpenStreetMap Italy regional talk list for Sicily - Lista regionale della Sicilia
Talk-it-southtyrol OpenStreetMap Italy regional talk list for South Tyrol - Lista regionale dell' Alto Adige - Regionale Mailingliste für Südtirol
Talk-it-trentino OpenStreetMap Italy regional talk list for Trentino - Lista regionale del Trentino
Talk-it-veneto OpenStreetMap Italy regional talk list for Veneto - Lista regionale del Veneto
Talk-ja OpenStreetMap Japanese talk
Talk-jo [no description available]
Talk-ke OpenStreetMap Kenya
Talk-kg OpenStreetMap Kyrgyzstan
Talk-ko OpenStreetMap Korea
Talk-Kosovo OpenStreetMap Kosovo
talk-latam OpenStreetMap Latinoamérica
Talk-lb OSM Lebanon discussion list
Talk-lk OpenStreetMap Sri Lanka
Talk-lt Diskusijos apie OSM Lietuvoje
talk-lu OpenStreetMap Luxembourg
Talk-lv Latvia project talk.
Talk-ly Openstreetmap Libya - القائمة البريدية لدولة ليبيا �ي خرائط الشارع الم�توحة
Talk-ma OpenStreetMap Morocco regional talk list / Liste de discussions des contributeurs d'OSM au Maroc
Talk-mg OpenStreetMap Madagasikara
Talk-ml Liste de discussion etablie pour coordonner les activites du projet OpenStreetMap (OSM) au Mali
Talk-mm OSM in Myanmar
Talk-mn / Нээлттэй Гудамж Газрын Зураг/НГГЗ/ - Монгол нийгэмлэг/ : OpenStreetMap - Mongolia Community
Talk-mw OpenStreetMap in Malawi
Talk-mx [no description available]
Talk-my Malaysia specific topics and discussion
Talk-nc Discussions sur OSM en Nouvelle-Calédonie
Talk-ne [no description available]
Talk-ng OpenStreetMap Nigeria
Talk-ni OpenStreetMap Nicaragua
Talk-nl OpenStreetMap NL discussion list
Talk-np OpenStreetMap Community in Nepal
Talk-nz OpenStreetMap New Zealand
Talk-oceania [no description available]
Talk-pacific OpenStreetMap Pacific
Talk-pe Lista de dialogo sobre OpenStreetMaps en el Perú
talk-ph OpenStreetMap Philippines mailing list
Talk-pl OSM Poland
talk-pr OpenStreetMap Puerto Rico
Talk-ps OSM in Palestine
Talk-pt OSM Portugal
Talk-py OpenStreetMap Paraguay
Talk-ro OSM Romania
Talk-rs OpenStreetMap Serbia
Talk-ru OpenStreetMap - Russian community
Talk-sa Saudi list القائمة البريدية السعودية
Talk-sc OpenStreetMap Seychelles
Talk-scotland General discussions for the OpenStreetMap community in Scotland.
Talk-se OpenStreetMap Sverige mailinglista
Talk-si OpenStreetMap v Sloveniji
Talk-sn OpenStreetMap Sénégal
Talk-so Openstreetmap Somalia.
Talk-sy OpenStreetMap Syria, القائمة البريدية لمناقشة خرائط الشارع المفتوحة في سوريا
Talk-td OpenStreetMap Tchad - Liste de discussion
Talk-tg OpenStreetMap Togo - Liste de discussion
Talk-tn OpenStreetMap Tunisia - Liste de discussion Tunisienne du projet OSM
Talk-tr Türkce sohbetler icin
Talk-transit Public transport/transit/shared taxi related topics
Talk-TW Open Street Map Taiwan
Talk-tz OpenStreetMap Tanzania
Talk-ug OpenStreetMap Uganda
Talk-us OpenStreetMap USA
Talk-us-maine Topics specific to Maine
Talk-us-massachusetts Topics specific to Massachusetts
Talk-us-newyork For discussions of OSM and mapping in NYS
Talk-us-nps US National Parks
Talk-us-pugetsound OpenStreetMap for the Puget Sound region, Washington State
Talk-us-sfbay OpenStreetMap in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California in general
Talk-uy Lista para coordinar esfuerzos respecto a OpenStreetMap en Uruguay
Talk-ve OpenStreetMap Venezuela
Talk-vi OpenStreetMap Việt Nam. Danh sách thư v� m�i thứ liên quan đến OSM ở Việt Nam hay bằng tiếng Việt.
Talk-ZA General discussion for South African users
Talk-zm OpenStreetMap Zambia
Talk-ZW [no description available]
TeachOSM TeachOSM - serving the education community
Tile-serving Discussion of tile serving stacks and its development
Umap Discussions about uMap project
WelcomeWG Discussion list for the Welcome Working Group members and interested third parties

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