[Accessibility] path designed for visually impaired

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Wed Nov 24 08:54:27 GMT 2010

Hello List,
hello fabrice,

can you upload a photo for the wiki, please?
Can our native speakers propose a word how to tag that?

I think tactile_paving=yes is fine, but maybe we find a tactile_paving="whatever" that makes it even clearer.
I don't think this word exists, but it is like a ground rail, 

By the way, a handrail for outside is not very nice, because you will want to follow the tactile elements with the white cane, not with the hand.
So watch out if a handrail has an open or closed bottom


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> Betreff: [Accessibility] path designed for visually impaired

> Hello,
> I'm an ordinary osm mapper in Brittany, France. In the city of 
> Fouesnant, there are some very nice pathes (sea, birds, trees...) with 
> lines designed for visually impaired people: 1 foot high line made of 
> ground or wood on one side of the path.
> I noticed "tactile_paving=yes" but the exact definition is "A tactile 
> paving is a line of different stones/shaping on a footway that has an 
> easy to detect surface, often more rough than the surrounding ground." .
> How would you like me to identify those pathes ? Thank you for your
> answer.
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