[Accessibility] Bachelor thesis on accessible maps

Gerald Kogler geraldo at servus.at
Wed Apr 9 12:08:53 UTC 2014

hi ppl,

Thanks to Lulu-Ann for reactivating the list.

My name is Gerald Kogler, I subscribed about half a year ago when I
started to investigate the topic of accessible maps for my Bachelor thesis.

I started with the analysis of relevant literature and existing projects
on accessibility and digital maps. Later I defined requirements of
digital maps for visual impaired people and developed a prototype which
focuses on target profiles (like color blindness), personalising
parameters (like colors and text properties) and textual representation
of geodata. The implementation (alpha!) is done using OSM and client
side vector map rendering with Javascript:

I finished my work about a month ago and published it here - but sorry,
only in German: http://go.yuri.at/barrierefreie-karten/


Gerald Kogler
Linz | Barcelona

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