[Announce] A new home: merkaartor.be

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Sun Jun 27 14:14:01 BST 2010

Following the experimentation at redmine.semperpax.com, Merkaartor has now
settled in a new home: http://merkaartor.be.

The root cause of this was the migration of the repository to gitorious (due
to some reluctance from OSM to host more than "root" projects on their own
git repository).
>From there, it made little sense to continue using the OSM trac, because of
the lack of integration (and Trac well-known shortcomings when used in a
multi-project environment).
Furthermore, the ikiwiki used on merkaartor.org made it difficult to be
dynamic (lack of WYSIWYG, use of subversion for updates, ...) so we needed
to move to something else on this side, too.

So we have settled on Redmine <http://www.redmine.org/> as the backbone of
the site. Redmine provides everything a project like Merkaartor needs in an
integrated fashion.

The reason for the change of domain is plainly because we couldn't reach the
owner of merkaartor.org, Bart, the original author of Merkaartor, who
silently left the project a couple of years ago.

I personally wants to thank *Sven* (*Lankes*, of Fedora fame) who:
- Donated the "merkaartor.be" domain to the project
- Is hosting the "merkaartor.be" site
- has handled all the sysadmin work to have the site up-and-running.

So, on the practical side:
- All Trac tickets have been migrated to redmine.
- *New* tickets opened on trac.openstreetmap.org won't be taken into account
(I'll still monitor it for a while, redirecting the reporters)
- Anyone having opened a merkaartor ticket on Trac at some point is known on
redmine; Just follow the "lost password" procedure with the email address
you used on Trac to access the new site.
- The issues opened on redmine.semperpax.com have been migrated (as were the
- The Merkaartor project has been removed from redmine.semperpax.com
- The "merkaartor.org" site is deprecated and will disappear soon.

Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds :-)

*The Merkaartor team*
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