[Announce] [Merkaartor] Merkaartor 0.15.2 released

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Sun Mar 7 23:31:15 GMT 2010

An update has been released, **Merkaartor 0.15.2**.

The CHANGELOG since 0.15 is:

 * FIX : roads not always refreshed when changing type or properties
(fixes #2773)
 * FIX : Cannot cleanly copy tags from one relation to another (fixes #2746)
 * FIX : When merging contiguous nodes in the same way, check that we
don't add the same node twice (fixes #2771)
 * FIX : OSX enhacements (by Aleksandar Topuzovic) (closes #2774)
 * FIX : When nodes are hidden,do not put them in the way of selecting roads
 * FIX : avoid multiple updateVirtuals() at download time by disabling
it and doing them all when the download is done
 * FIX : speedup node moving by disabling virtual nodes and index
updates during drag
 * FIX : crash when coming from "Separate move mode" and a feature is selected.

Head on to the [Download][1] page and happy mapping.

**- The Merkaartor Team -**
_Thanks to the [Donators][2]_

  [1]: http://www.merkaartor.org/./Download/
  [2]: http://www.merkaartor.org/./Donators/

URL: http://www.merkaartor.org/news/Merkaartor_0.15.2_released/

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