[Announce] Important information for OpenPisteMap users

Steve Hill steve at nexusuk.org
Mon Mar 8 13:41:31 GMT 2010

Some OpenPisteMap bits are changing and this may affect third party software.

1. The tiles have moved to http://tiles.openpistemap.org.  They are currently 
being served from the old location as well, but this will be discontinued in 
the following phases:
i) After a few weeks, tiles served from the old location will get a "please 
update your software" watermark applied to them.
ii) A few weeks later, the old location will start returning "404 Not Found"
If you are operating a web site that embeds OpenPisteMap using the map.js and 
opm.js scripts served directly from the OPM server then you *probably* don't 
need to do anything.  Other software will need updating.

2. Owing to abuse by a small number of users (no, using a robot to pull
down a third of a million tiles a week is not acceptable behaviour), 
OpenPisteMap will start banning people who download more than 20,000 tiles in a 
day or 40,000 in a week.  As a point of comparison, the whole 3 Vallies resort 
at all zoom levels covers around 9,000 tiles, so there shouldn't really be much 
need to exceed these limits.  If you have a specific reason why you need to 
then please discuss it with me - bandwidth isn't free and a small number of 
users are disproportionately using a lot of it.

Also, a polite request to robot writers: it is generally considered good 
practice for robots to identify themselves in the UA string of their requests. 
This is desirable so that the authors of buggy/misbehaving robots can be 
contacted and therefore fixed, and also so that website operators can properly 
estimate the cost associated with various clients. The vast majority of robot 
traffic that hits OpenPisteMap spoofs a "real browser" UA string (most commonly 
Opera, but most of the common browsers are represented too).  If you're 
responsible for writing one of these robots, please consider fixing your 
software and presenting a suitable UA string.


  - Steve
     xmpp:steve at nexusuk.org   sip:steve at nexusuk.org   http://www.nexusuk.org/

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