[Announce] Funding drive – Improving OSM reliability and performance

Jonathan Bennett openstreetmap at jonno.cix.co.uk
Fri Dec 2 10:52:46 GMT 2011

OpenStreetMap is growing fast. We've recently welcomed our 500,000th
signed up user, and we've logged our 10,000,000th update to the map.
Over the next few weeks we're running a fund-raising drive while we
invest in server infrastructure to improve the reliability and
performance of OpenStreetMap. If you'd like to support the project in
this way, or you know anybody else who would like to give OSMers an
early Christmas present, visit our fund raising site:


You have the option to include your name on the donors list. We're
aiming to raise £15,000 (~ 23,000 US dollars).  Let's see how quickly we
hit the target!

We wanted to run another fund raising drive, because last time we had a
big one was back in 2009 and we were blown away by how quickly we raised
the target amount. It seemed as though people were looking for an outlet
for their generosity and goodwill towards the project. Since we're
planning to buy a new server, now seems like a good time to do it again.

The Operations Working Group, which has the important role of keeping
core OSM services running smoothly, plans to invest in a new server.
This will provide us with a database replica. This improvement is at the
very core of the OpenStreetMap infrastructure, giving services greater
resilience. It means we'll bounce back quicker and easier in the event
of a hardware failure. In time the new server will also bring about some
performance improvements.  We have a wiki page with more technical
details and plans for the new hardware.

We hope you'll agree that, although these improvements are very much
behind-the-scenes, they are important. Please give generously to help
make them happen!

Jonathan Bennett
(Communications Working Group)

Also posted to the foundation blog  (
http://blog.osmfoundation.org/2011/12/01/funding-drive/ )

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