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Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Thu May 9 14:33:38 UTC 2013

> I would go with the suggestion that already has been made by having an "upcoming events" page on
> the wiki and have a link to that on the main page. Maybe someone could make some widget for it that
> rotates the upcoming events (and dates) and possibly filtered/prioritized by geoip.
> And have a banner for official events organized by the OSMF.
> Henk

We already have a "Current events" page on the wiki. Could link to that. But then we *could* link to a lot of things.

Brian emailed me with an image previously. I'll share it here:
That's actually quite massive. 165x165 pixels

Previous banners were smaller e.g. 165x116 for this SOTM PDX one. I think the tokyo one (can't find it in github just now) was shorter than it was wide too. 

A taller image shoves things further down the page. "Make a donation", and indeed the bottom of the banner image itself will start to fall off the bottom of the screen for non-logged in users.  I'd suggest that should be redesigned a bit less tall in line with previous banners. (agree / disagree anyone?)

But we could consider a banner at size 165x50 similar to this SOTM scotland banner, or shorter even :

That's if we wanted to place both banners,  SOTM black bull and SOTM US,  on top of eachother.  So in this case we'd need the SOTM US image a bit smaller too. This one:

Does anyone want to prototype that?
...or it's probably quite trivial to put in a bit of randomised flipping code, if we just go with both images at a larger size.

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