[Openstreetmap-dev] Standalone OpenStreetMap editor - latest thoughts/developments

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Mon Apr 18 09:11:16 BST 2005

As many of you are aware I'm developing the standalone editor for 
OpenStreetMap, with a particular emphasis on home editing GPX files while 
offline, which can then be uploaded to openstreetmap.

One or two things have arisen so far - firstly XML-RPC support for C++ is a 
bit rough and ready, and from the look of things might be a bit difficult to 
get going on Windows using a cross-platform library. Secondly, Steve's applet 
is already doing a lot of what I want to do. So my thoughts now are to 
convert to a Java application using the applet codebase and some extra stuff. 
This also means that any new applet features can be incorporated into the 
standalone app.

Does anyone have any thoughts/comments on this, given future features of the 
standalone app would include overlaying Landsat and possibly other aerial 
photo data? Know Java has some performance issues on large and complex apps, 
but in this case, the network would appear to be the rate-determining factor.


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