[Openstreetmap-dev] osm-editor on ubuntu breezy; irritating Garmin behaviour

Christian van den Bosch cjb at cjb.ie
Thu Aug 11 09:26:45 BST 2005

Hi all,

For anyone else trying to compile osm-editor on Ubuntu Breezy, it seems 
to wants #include <math.h> prepended to a few cpp files to tell it about 
the M_PI constant and a few floating point functions such as sqrt.

Other than that, when all the necessary packages mentioned in the 
osm-editor README are installed, it compiles just fine.

Now, a buglet: my Garmin insists on "logging" the last visited point 
when powered up indoors with no signal (for example when I'm downloading 
a track from it). I can't seem to delete such a trkseg in osm-editor; I 
can delete down to (I think) the last one or two points of the trkseg, 
then it bombs out. I haven't yet established whether this relates to: 
(a) deleting entire trksegs, (b) some issue with rendering short trksegs 
that consist only of the same point repeated, or (c) something else.

On another note - does anyone know how to get a Garmin eTrex Vista _not_ 
to do what I call its "inertial" logging? This is most noticeable when I 
lose signal before or while going around a corner, going into a narrow 
sidestreet for example - for several seconds it keeps plotting (and 
logging!) along the course that I was following before turning, or in 
some cases an intermediate angle halfway around the bend, showing me 
apparently going through buildings or the like. It's a real pain to have 
to edit this rubbish out of my tracks (though osm-editor does make this 

I guess the "real" fix is to use a PDA to log the NMEA sentences direct 
from the GPS, and thereby preserve more metadata anyway, but until I get 
something like that sorted - would anyone care to make any suggestions 
as to how I could make my Garmin a bit better-behaved?


Christian / cjb


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