[Openstreetmap-dev] possible to client off the caching landsat WMS?

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Tue Aug 30 01:48:00 BST 2005


Steve, you mentioned that OSM now incorporates a caching Landsat WMS. 
How would you feel about me, or others, running a client off it;
either just off the base layer or including the streetmap layer?
Or is now Just Not The Time Yet?

(Context: consume.net went away again. Every time it does, i start
itching to set up an aggregation-only UK freenetworks node map (which
was how i got mixed up in all this GIS mess in the first place)

(More context: in a few weeks we're putting up a Free Map System 
('we' here is Saul, i, Shekhar and others from the Mumbai Free Map
project, who need a faster replacement for http://freemap.in/ ) 
I would like to run both an openstreetmap instance, mirror, whatever,
and also a caching WMS on it.)) 

So, use of your caching WMS would be a short-term fix, we'd install
our own (probably do our own false-colour, pan-sharpened composites)
in about a month's time. the JPL service is just too slow to use in

How about it?


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