[Openstreetmap-dev] Success, and some questions...

Tom Carden tom at tom-carden.co.uk
Wed Aug 31 15:53:55 BST 2005

Jon Stockill wrote:
> Tom Carden wrote:
>> Yep - basically what I imagine will happen is that we will eventually 
>> settle on a small number of fixed increments for zooming.  Once we have 
>> that, we can set a sensible width for streets at each zoom level.
> That'll need to be extended further once roads can be classified using the 
> key-value system.

Of course.  That's kind of what I was getting at at the end of my email.

>> Nope.  Before adding new features I'm waiting for the switch to REST.
> The export works ok but at the moment it exports thousands of roads with 
> just 2 nodes each, rather than groups of nodes being tied together to form 
> roads - I'm sure it's early stages yet though.

That's because, aside from data imported from other sources like the TIGER 
stuff for Manhattan, there aren't actually that many streets in OSM.  It's 
all just line segments "roads with just 2 nodes each".

I'm not convinced a "street" is a serious first-class data object, it's just 
a way of factorising/normalising line segments which share metadata (excuse 
my terminology abuse).  Interface-wise, it's clear that selecting a "street" 
and entering metadata shared by all its segments will be required if the 
detail of the database is to improve.

Currently, you can name segments in the applet, and these could then be 
combined for rendering if they have the same name (I have code to do this, 
but it's seriously flaky).  Once the rendering works for street names (ie 
not just labelling every segment like I do now) it makes sense to allow the 
selection of collections of segments and saving those as streets directly. 
Anyway, there are a few tasks that need doing before that can happen, if 
anyone's interested in helping I can do a proper breakdown.

>> It depends where you're editing, but there are lots of optimisations that 
>> can be made once the bugs are ironed out.  The fact that the applet uses 
>> 100% of CPU when idle is a little obnoxious, but bear in mind that the 
>> idea is that it should also occupy 100% of your attention - it's an 
>> interactive process ;)
> I gave up on the applet for just that reason

100% CPU?  Shame.  Steve predicted as much.  Is it actually unusable, or are 
you just taking a principled stand?

> - the osm-editor app is starting to look very useful though.
> Now all I need to do is get my GPS back from a friend, and get collecting 
> more data :-)

Yes, go, run like the wind!


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