[Openstreetmap-dev] doubled trackpoints

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Sat Dec 3 10:40:47 GMT 2005

Am Samstag, den 03.12.2005, 03:33 +0000 schrieb SteveC:
> fixed
> needed a 'distinct' clause in the sql...

Make it a 'distinctrow' and it should perform 20% - 50% faster. ;)

BTW: I closed bug 28 (old bugzilla) with Revision 661, but my changes
got reverted by Revision 672.

Bug 28 was something about that the correct namespace declaration of GPX
is "http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/0" while the server wrongly returns

Why was the change reverted?

Maybe someone edited the live ruby files on the server and copied them
back without doing a merge, and that overwrote my changes?

If the live ruby files on the server are edited for any reason (which is
IMHO not a good idea), then please, edit them as subversion repository
and do proper merging.

Ciao, Imi.

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