[Openstreetmap-dev] Data Primatives & schema

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Dec 20 20:14:02 GMT 2005

Imi wrote:

>Not quite right. First, nodes that "have the same uid" ARE the same nodes.
>There are no two different nodes with the same uid.
>Second, if you want the first and the last node to be the same, you need 4
>nodes (which are 3 *different* ones).

of course, why didn't I say that in the first place ;-)

>The last node is not transfered but implicit the same as the first node.
>> 1. Are the definitions sufficiently explicit?
>Depends. If you want to implement something depending on this definitions,
>not enough ;-)
>- nodes are represented by a latitude and longitude value.
>- segments are *ordered* connections.

How so? What is there to order? If you mean that it's a from/to order than I

>- ways are ordered too (from first segment to last).


>- zones are represented by a clockwise enclose of the area. The last node
>not transfered (its implicit).


>- Is the "keys are objects too" - idea already abandoned? If not, you
>the keys. ;-)

No, I deliberately left off the KEY object as I am not clear in my mind how
to define it explicitly yet. Care to offer something? :) 

>> 3. Any comments on the nomenclature change of Street to WAY and Area to
>Fine to me.
>Ciao, Imi.

Thanks imi

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