[Openstreetmap-dev] Re: Running out of OSM IDs ?

Tommy Persson tpe at ida.liu.se
Thu Dec 29 15:27:18 GMT 2005

> From: "Immanuel Scholz" <immanuel.scholz at gmx.de>
> >>   First, do they overlap ?
> They DO overlap.
> > Good question - I strongly hope so. Steve?
> > For JOSM, they are assumed not to overlap.
> JOSM is now fixed to accept ununique unique identifiers. :-|
> > I think they either should be unique as in "unique identifier" or renamed
> > in XML to "id". ;-)
> I still think this. I fired a trac 116 for changing of "uid" to "id".

Was this the question if segment uid and node uid could be the same?
If so I also assumed that they could not be the same and osmpedit will
probably not work properly in some cases.  Will fix this soon but I
agree that the name should be changed or that this should be
documentet properly on the API page (yes I know I can do it myself :-).


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