[Openstreetmap-dev] More on GPX schema

Frank Mohr f_mohr at yahoo.de
Thu Sep 22 09:29:16 BST 2005

Immanuel Scholz wrote:
>> <name>Lodge Road</name>
>> <extensions>
>><permissions foot="yes" horse="yes" car="yes"/>
> Next thing is, that you try to assign some keys to a type. How do you
> decide, that "foot" is a permission, while "class" is not? 

to make it distinguishable we might use something like:

  <name>Lodge Road</name>
    <osm name="foot" value="yes" />
    <!-- or -->
    <!-- or simply list only the "true" values -->
    <osm:foot />

> I thought key
> and value names are freely choosen by the user. How do you going to
> transfer key:"foo", value:"bar" ? as <foo>bar</bar> ? Or maybe as
> <unknown foo="bar" /> ? 

currently they are not defined in the upload, but on a special page
(at least last time i checked this)

> But: How do you define such "common keys"? Once and for all? The world
> will change, so will the key names used. If you alter the structur of a
> key/value pair after it is introduced, you have to recode all
> applications which use this key to parse the new format correct (except
> you define a very complex way of telling the xml-structure within the
> xml document or something like that).

how does an aplication handle new key/value pairs it doesnt know?



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