[Openstreetmap-dev] A first key-value application

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Fri Sep 23 16:20:41 BST 2005

Re the key/value discussion of the last day or two, I've put in place a couple 
of real key/value using applications:

1. I've now updated osmeditor to read and write GPX with keys and values in 
the following format (this format seemed to be the consensus of the 

<property key="foot" value="yes"/>

osm-editor understands the following keys and values:

key=foot value=no, unofficial or yes
key=horse value=no, unofficial or yes
key=bike value=no, unofficial or yes
key=car value=no, or yes
key=class value=path, unsurfaced, minor, secondary, primary, motorway or 

"unofficial" means that the appropriate class of traffic (foot, horse, or 
bike) can use the path but that the right has not been legally enshrined; in 
other words the landowner could close the path at any time. The most common 
example are the "permissive footpaths" in the British countryside (as opposed 
to "official rights of way").

Make sure you save and load "as OSM" otherwise the keys and values will not be 
handled (and the app might crash!) - the old save and load is still there for 

2. Freemap will now export its data in GPX format, using the key/value scheme:


where WEST and EAST are the easting bounds (6 figure) and SOUTH and NORTH the 
northing bounds (6 figure) of the rectangle you want to grab Freemap data 

e.g. to grab the rectangle with eastings between SU876 and SU916, and 
northings between SU265 and SU305, you would use


osm-editor and Freemap still treat "streets" as one trkseg with multiple 
points. However if the definite plan is to treat "streets" as several 
two-node segments, I will change that.


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