[OSM-dev] Stylesheet update

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 2 18:21:56 BST 2006

There was no reason to make them absolute beyond getting the page to look correct -- if you can work out better css you're welcome to commit those changes.

One requirement is that the slippy map and java editor appear in the same location .. so that clicking between tabs looks fluid. The css needs to work crossbrowser of course (I run windows here, so can check IE for you if needed). You'll also see that the "Login/Register" link is double underlined in Firefox, and misaligned in IE .. is there a consistent way to get that line to extend across?

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Sent: Sunday, April 2, 2006 4:02:24 PM
Subject: [OSM-dev] Stylesheet update

I've noticed for a while that the CC logo and the map controls on
edit.html were conflicting with each other. Today I finally thought to
look at it and fix it. Making the following changes to style.css
should fix it for now, but only until other elements are changed.
Making them all relative would help with that, but perhaps there was a
reason to keep things absolute?

#mapToolbar {
  position: absolute;
  /*left: 710px;*/
  left: 30px;
  top: 370px;
  border-width: 0;

#cclogo {
  width: 150px;
  min-width: 150px;
  margin: 10px;
  padding: 10px;
  left: 0px;
  line-height: 1.2em;
  text-align: Left;
  font-size: 14px;
  font-weight: bold;
  background: #fff;
  top: 510px;
  position: absolute;


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