[OSM-dev] Register javascript method to call when a node is clicked in the applet.

Jim Ley jim at jibbering.com
Sun Apr 9 17:54:20 BST 2006


I've been playing with capturing geocoded audio and video streams as I 
collect tracklogs to make it easier to capture information of road names and 
stuff around the road.  It would be great if I could link to these from the 
applet, this would be easy if a click in the applet called a script in the 
containing page.

I think this would be quite a simple change to the applet - just making it 
so that when you click on a node, it also calls a javascript in the 
containing document.  I'm not a java developer, I detest java in fact, but 
do any of the applt people know if that would be simple and could point me 
in the right direction?

If this was there, linking to my video would be a simply matter of a 
greasemonkey/userjs or similar script.



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