[OSM-dev] Re: New OSM map-rendering code

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Sun Apr 9 23:26:15 BST 2006

> Hello everyone,
> As I have mentioned in the mailing list I have started working on an
> alternative map renderer for OSM, which shows different segment types in
> different colours and aims to show street names etc.  It's based on the
> Freemap rendering code and written in PHP.

Sorry, a couple of things I forgot to say-

1. Only data in the bounding box -1.5,50.8,-0.7,51.2 (basically, eastern 
Hampshire and extreme western Sussex) is present at the moment. Other areas 
will not work.

2. If you want to run this on your own server, you'll need the NASA SRTM .hgt 
files. You can find the .hgt files at


These need to be placed in the "data" subdirectory of the "freemap" directory.
They are numbered by bottom left corner e.g. N51W001.hgt is the 1W,51N,0,52N 

3. I have tried to write the data-reading code (see osm.php) to be as flexible 
as possible, to read from either a database or XML data source.


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