[OSM-dev] Rules file for OSM renderer

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Wed Apr 19 14:32:05 BST 2006


>>The database hit is the issue - presumaby the dev machine is
>>significantly quicker, but also I think Nick is hitting it directly in
>>PHP and not going through the API?
> Yes, it is going direct to the d/b ATM.

There is probably much overhead in the ruby code around the database
request within the API. Last time I did some simple performance
measurements the XML library turned out to be a problem.

Since Steve refuse to give out a representative (read: full dump ;)
database snapshot(1), I can't do better performance measurements. I hope
to get to server hacking in some weeks. For now I have to get JOSM ready
for some neat features for the IoW-postprocessing ;).

Ciao, Imi.

(1) The full database is kept for privacy reasons. All members emails is
stored. Even with pseudonymized emails, a de-anonymization can be done
easily. My hope is, that we can soon publish a privacy statement and allow
those who have no problem making their map data&email public to do so.
Then create an anonym access for all others. (Just like the tracklog

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