[OSM-dev] Mailing list -> forum?

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Wed Apr 26 11:25:24 BST 2006


I find it hard to follow diskussions as the volume of the list increases.
Sometimes, there are just so much new posts mixed together (people don't
always use proper header tags for thread-replying) that I am bored to sort
out the topic's I am interested in.

Also, I have caught me now several times, that I don't write an answer,
just because I think "someone else is surely already replying just now".

And searching through older posts is not *that* comfortable with my email
client here.

We had at least one guy asking for a forum rather than a mailing list yet
(and not much people ask in *mailing lists* for a forum. If I remembered
correctly, he would also helping setup and maintaining it :).

Next thing is, that there could be more topic distributions as there are
now (just 'dev' and 'talk'). It is very time consuming to me, to even sort
out all new threads that don't interest me. For my case, happily this
currently leads to the fact that I read almost every thread. But if the
volume increase futher, I will surely don't have the time to do so and
maybe tempted to just ignore most new threads. I know of at least one guy
who didn't join the list because of the volume and the inadequate ways to
filter out threads of interest.

Mailing lists are to me more a thing of "wakeup call", to announce
something or for things that really need to reach the people. I would not
classify much of the current traffic under this category.

I assume, that with a forum scales better in terms of lucidity and is much
more efficient for people in handling different discussion threads.

So my question is: How much traffic is tolerable until we close the
mailing list and switch to a forum?

Ciao, Imi.

PS: I would be in a strong favour of a *CLEAN* and *SIMPLE* forum. I speak
of a forum *without* stuff like blinking banners everywhere, animated user
picutres of half the size of a laptop screen and especally one which don't
turn beatuiful ascii arts into ugly pacmans ;-)

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