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Thu Apr 27 16:22:27 BST 2006

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* @ 27/04/06 04:15:01 PM dblasby at openplans.org wrote:
> As I asked before - why are you storing each point in the database?  Why
> dont you store edges (homogeneous lines)?  It seems this would make
> your database much more efficient if you did this.  But, I dont really
> know what your datamodel is.

If you're speaking about trackpoints, it's because that's how they come
in the gpx file.

If you're talking about nodes, then it's because you can move a node
independently of whatever segments it might be connected to. Remeber -
we have history data to deal with. Also doing it this way means we can
do routing easily - we don't have to deal with 'well this segments end
point is near that ones start point sorta, so lets just say they are
connected'. Our way, you _know_ if they're connected or not.

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