[OSM-dev] Mailing list -> forum? NO!

Tom Carden tom at tom-carden.co.uk
Fri Apr 28 09:03:25 BST 2006

On 4/28/06, Alex Mauer <hawke at hawkesnest.net> wrote:
> I certainly find mailing lists easier to use; it is easier to fire off
> an email to some address and get answers back than to create *yet
> another* signon to some web forum that I'll use once, and then remember
> to check back for an answer every day for a week or two (or until it's
> off the front page.

Is anyone else finding it unsurprising that people replying to this
discussion *on the mailing list* prefer mailing lists to web forums!?

> But most of the OSM lists
> (impressively much!) are constructive development and ideas; very little
> is newbies asking the same questions over and over.

I think the implication is that we scare newbies off, or that newbies
don't join lists at all.  I can definitely see how that would happen,
and I don't think a modestly sized help forum would spoil the list -
we could set it up exclusively for beginner questions.  You wouldn't
be missing anything if you didn't read it, but OpenStreetMap might be
missing out on users if it didn't offer it.

> Someone needs to write a forum-style interface to mailing list archives.
>  They store the same kinda of data, there's no technical reason this
> couldn't happen.  But that's a topic for another day, and another list.

We already pointed to gmane.  Twice in this thread.  But maybe you
missed those posts? ;)



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