[OSM-dev] planet

Jonas Svensson jonass at lysator.liu.se
Tue Aug 8 20:37:33 BST 2006

On 8 Aug 2006 at 21:27, Joerg Ostertag (OSM Munich/Ge wrote:

> But these are probably the next failing lines:
>   84288   <node id='196438' lat='51.6134576110943' lon='-0.109716179732635' 
> timestamp='2006-06-06T11:51:45+01:00'>
>   84289     <tag k='name' v='St Andrew's Church of England Primary School' />
>   84290     <tag k='class' v='school' />
>   84291   </node>

Too bad. Would changing the single quotes to double quotes do it? 
Ie changing line 65 of planet.rb from

tags.each {|key, value| puts "    <tag k='#{CGI.escapeHTML(key)}' 
v='#{CGI.escapeHTML(value)}' />"}


tags.each {|key, value| puts "    <tag k=\"#{CGI.escapeHTML(key)}\" 
v=\"#{CGI.escapeHTML(value)}\" />"}

Assuming ruby got that kind of escaping?


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