[OSM-dev] planet.osm - fix

Jonas Svensson jonass at lysator.liu.se
Thu Aug 10 19:37:03 BST 2006

Now I am really getting curious. I tried to zoom in on that point 
using JOSM to check what the database says and got: 
"УФХЦЧШЩЬЫЪЭЮЯ". Ie completely different from the dump. Is some spy 
using OSM to send messages?   :-)

On 9 Aug 2006 at 18:35, Jonas Svensson wrote:

> Thanks for the fix. Now if we could fix the export or is it the 
> contents of the database?
> Error: Input error: Illegal UTF-8 byte 2 <0x3f> at file offset 
> 47512970
>  in unnamed entity at line 623210 char 39 of <stdin>
> Seems like there is some problem with the this:
>    <tag k='name' 
> v='αβγδεζηθικλμνξοπ�?στυφχψωΑΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜ�?ΞΟΠΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩ' />
> Why is there a greek alphabet as a nodename anyway? Most of it 
> looks fine but there a couple of unknown characters. I suspect that 
> the last two of "οπ�?" should be a single character: "ρ". And the 
> last of "ΛΜ�?" should be "Ρ". Could anyone check this in the 
> database to see if there is some problem with the export or if it 
> is this way in the database?

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