[Openstreetmap-dev] CSV transport encoding scheme

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Thu Jan 26 22:36:32 GMT 2006

Immanuel Scholz wrote:

> I am very unsatisfied with the current server performance, 
> especally for map.rb - requests.

If this is indeed XML related, maybe it is because of how XML tags 
are concatenated into longer strings (or parsed?), with a lot of 
char buffer reallocation?  (That's just a guess.  Many performance 
bottlenecks are due to copying data around needlessly.) Is there 
another way to handle XML in Ruby than is currently used in 
map.rb?  A different library or API?  Could this part be rewritten 
in C or should Ruby be thrown out in favor of Python, Perl or 
Java?  Since many programmers are happy with Ruby, I guess it 
should be possible to solve the problem without abandoning Ruby.

Can you run truss (Solaris) or strace (Linux) on the running 
application to find out which system calls it uses?  Or a 
traditional profiling?

XML in itself solves so many problems with quoting and structure, 
that there should be very little reason to use anything else, for 
applications that are designed today (legacy free).  You already 
said that UTF-8 was mandatory and that you wouldn't approve of any 
other character set.  I agree.  And the same should go for XML.

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