[Openstreetmap-dev] CSV transport encoding scheme

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Fri Jan 27 19:48:41 GMT 2006

* @ 27/01/06 02:53:50 PM dave-osm at earth.li wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 27, 2006 at 02:05:16PM +0000, SteveC wrote:
> > * @ 26/01/06 11:50:51 PM dave-osm at earth.li wrote:
> > > I think that this will be the solution to our speed problems for the
> > > moment. Almost as fast as print, but with all the benefits of using an
> > > XML library. Unfortunatly I don't think I will have time to work on it
> > > before next Thursday, but if nobody else has worked on it, I will spend
> > > some time towards the end of next week changing the current code to use
> > > this.
> > 
> > That'd be useful... actually, roll back imi's changes and update ox.rb
> > and everything will use it.
> Right, this was simpler than I expect. 
> I don't have a dev account or write access to the SVN, but attached is a

These are easy to set up if you want them.

> version that uses libxml. I'm sorry I haven't tested it, but I expect it
> to work. Can someone give it a quick test, then apply it? The patch
> needs to be applied in ruby/api

Apllied. Some little bugs but basically there, thanks.

Imi: The dump function doesn't close the stream and only works with IO
objects with libxml it seems. So sometimes apache thinks theres nothing
more to output because it's caught waiting in the zlib stream, and sends
incomplete gz encoded documents back. Hence the stringbuffer I tolled
back to.

Also, whats install_testserver do that install_www doesn't?

have fun,

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