[Openstreetmap-dev] Re: [Openstreetmap] OSM 8bit database transparency.

Erik Johansson erjohan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 02:44:06 GMT 2006

I'm moving this to devel list.

On 1/29/06, Johnny Doe <uucp1 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > 3. At this moment, it accepts what ever you put in
> > there.

> If i will send a 'name=some0x80name' into the
> database, will i get back the same name? The applet
> is not supporting utf8 right now, so its behaviour is
> irrelevant.

Well, you could try, 8bit latin1 and UTF-8 works for me. Everything
goes straight from the XML parser to the database, so it's not really
something that OSM is deciding upon now. You are right the applet
ignores UTF-8 strings completly I tried writing a small test
application  in Processing and I get nothing from the keys that are

> > 1. You should use UTF-8, because that is what will
> > be used.
> utf8 is not a magic bullet, because it can utilize
> exactly
> these codes.

0x79 will be allowed in the stream, but the others will have to be
recoded into UTF-8. In that way it's a magic bullet, because if you
recode microsoft(?) charcaters into UTF-8 they will have a standard

But, I'm still clueless on their use. So I don't know what you want to
do with them. Henche I can't really argument for anything.


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