[OSM-dev] FYI: kismet2osm.pl has bee moved

Dean Earley dean at earlsoft.co.uk
Sun Jul 2 12:53:14 BST 2006

>>>The Script Kismet2osm.pl has been renamed and moved:
>>>It's new Name and locateion in SVN is:
>>>   utils/osmfilter/osm-filter.pl
>>>The OSM-Filter script can now read the folowing FileTypes:
>>>         - Kismet-GPS File   *.gps
>>>         - GpsDrive-Track    *.sav
>>>         - GPX File          *.gpx
>>>         - Garmin mps File   *.mps
>>>         - Garmin gdb File   *.gdb
>>>         - Netstumbler Files *.ns1
>>>Filtered Output is osm and gpx
>>How easy is it to support raw NMEA (logged to a file)?
> Shouldn't be too difficult.
> Can you send me some example lines and point out which values you like to be 
> take in account.

I haven't got them yet but I will send them when I do.
I'm looking at using GPSGate on my car pc which can log raw NMEA.

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