[OSM-dev] lack of server coders (was: London Underground stations?)

Ben Gimpert ben at somethingmodern.com
Wed Jul 5 09:40:52 BST 2006

On Tue,  4 Jul 06 @07:34pm, Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:
> Except... There's one thing that hinders me a bit: Ruby.  I'm a C guy.
> Maybe I can write some limited stuff in other languages as well, but
> for everything I want to have control over, or fast execution speed,
> I'll use C.

In several years of using it commercially, I have never met a C coder
who couldn't *easily* pick up Ruby.  Should I post some links to good

It's just that to most people, programming in C is hugely more subtle,
more complicated, and potentially more dangerous that writing Ruby.
Though we are talking about *Steve's* Ruby... ;)

Is the OO-ness of Ruby the stumbling block?


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