[OSM-dev] Sending emails from the web server?

Nick Burch openstreetmap at gagravarr.org
Thu Jul 6 22:37:59 BST 2006

Hi All

Am I right in thinking that it's still not possible to send emails from 
the server, as the UCL firewall guys won't allow it?

Am I also right in thinking that the bytemark (wiki) machine suffers no 
such restriction, and it's possible to ssh from there to the main servers?

If so, could we not do something funky with SSH port forwarding to get 
around this? If the bytemark machine was to SSH in to the web server, 
 	ssh -R 2525:smtp.bytemark.co.uk:25 www.openstreetmap.org
If you then configure the web server's local SMTP server to use a 
smarthost on localhost port 2525 (you ideally want a local mail sever, to 
queue when the link's down), and its connections will magically end up at 
the bytemark smtp server. All you then need is something on the wiki 
machine to bring the ssh link up if it goes down

Then we'd know once more when our gpx traces had gone in, and Steve would 
know when we'd broken the gpx import script again :)


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