[OSM-dev] SAX XML parsing recommendations?

Nigel Magnay nigel.magnay at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 22:33:38 BST 2006

I'm an idiot - I didn't realise that there was a link on the wiki as
'planet.osm' ! (I thought it was just some nice term that people were

Ok - I downloaded the april xml - it's got a fair number of bad xml
bits around unescaped & characters. I manually fixed them by hand
(except é which I'm not sure what the right thing is).

My boggo P4 box converts the whole thing to SQL in about 20 seconds.
I've not tried loading it though, my machine is running somewhat lean
on diskspace - I'll have to free some up. I probably want to escape
the ' characters in there as well.

I'll tidy it up & try and find somewhere to plant it if anyone wants a
copy (sql or java that is)

On 10/07/06, Christopher Schmidt <crschmidt at crschmidt.net> wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 10, 2006 at 09:59:17PM +0100, Nigel Magnay wrote:
> > Do you have the source (planet.osm.april.xml I guess?) that I can get at?
> > I've just adapted my existing parser to spit out SQL instead - might
> > be close to what you (and I!) want...
> There's a planet.200607.osm in http://london.freemap.in/planet/ that
> should pass an XML parser. .osm files are XML.  It's in bzip2 format,
> you'll need to extract it first.
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> Christopher Schmidt
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