[OSM-dev] Proposal - "PlanetLib"

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Wed Jul 19 11:09:47 BST 2006

As part of the development of the Freemap countryside-orientated OSM renderer, 
I'm gradually building a collection of scripts which perform generic tasks on 
read-only, no-versioning, planet.osm-derived copies of the OSM database.

I'm wondering (particularly with the plans to release a daily planet dump) 
whether there would be any interest in releasing and developing this script 
collection as a library, designed to perform generic tasks on read-only 
versions of the OSM database. Then, anyone who wanted to run planet-based 
sites could make use of the library.

Things I had in mind include:

- routines to get nodes, segments and ways out of the database
- a search facility, allowing flexible search on tags.

I'd also probably include a planet-to-database converter, which fills up a 
database (schema: same as OSM but without versioning) with planet data within 
a user-specified bounding box (for speed reasons, I'll probably resort to 
libxml2 and C/C++ for this). Otherwise, language would be PHP as that's what 
my existing code is written in.

Any interest?


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