[OSM-dev] osm on rails

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Thu Jul 20 11:42:16 BST 2006


> Would it solve the current dev server problems?

Ruby on Rails can easily be started over rubys built-in webbrick server.
This server treats every call in an own process which will solve the
problem, that the dev server's mod_ruby cache old and outdated ruby
scripts from other users.

Of course, this does not solve the problem, that some people want to have
a dev account but Steve refuses to give them one.

> Would it be easier to deploy an OSM server at home for testing?

I have setup a testserver about 4 times now and I think the biggest
problem is the apache config. That is handled by rails (at least
ruby-on-rails says so ;). So it will definetly be easier.

> Would it *really* solve the Unicode problems?

The current unicode problem is, that it has to be done by hand. I guess
that all requests, that can be automated by rails will have no problems
with unicode, while those specialized hand-written DAO code we probably
still need would be not improved by rails.

Let's see how Steve choose the database structure and so how many requests
has to be specialized.

> And will you comment it properly and write up why the tables are how
> they are

My hope is, that the structure become that easy, so that commenting is not
TOO usefull anymore. (This is not a pipe dream - ruby-on-rails do some
promises about this will happen ;)

My greatest fear is, that Steve continue to be sloppy about important
source parts of the server code, not keeping them in-sync with subversion,
which would mean that nobody can work on the latest code, regardless of
rails, ruby, apache or any other technic.

Ciao, Imi

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