[OSM-dev] Setup for Mapserver/ka-Map based renderer

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at crschmidt.net
Thu Jul 20 12:01:07 BST 2006

All the bits for the freemap.in renderer:

 * Requires Mapserver to be installed
   * PROJ support required
   * WMS Client support required
 * gdal must be installed
   * With Python bindings for processing data
 * Requires mapscript PHP bindings

Data processing:

  * Download planet.osm
  * Run it through http://london.freemap.in/osm2gml_simple.py.txt
    python osm2gml_simple.py.txt < planet.osm > planet.gml
  * Run:
    * ogr2ogr planet.segments.shp planet.gml segments
    * ogr2ogr planet.ways.shp planet.gml ways


  * Download ftp://e0srp01u.ecs.nasa.gov/srtm/version2/SWBD recursively
  * Unzip all zips
  * Move resulting files (3 per zip) into a single directory
  * Run each file through http://london.freemap.in/swbd2line.py.txt
  * Run resulting shapefiles through ogrtindex:
    find world_mask/ -name '*.shp' | xargs ogrtindex world_tindex.shp

Once those are complete:

should be setup as a map file. (Drop it into a directory.)

Copy http://london.freemap.in/tile.phps into a web accessible directory.
Copy http://london.freemap.in/config.phps into the same directory, and

 "osm-july-merc"   => array( "july mercator Planet.osm",
                      array( 822116.8933, 411058.4466, 205529.2233,
                      102764.6117, 51382.3058, 25691.1529, 12845.5765,
                      6422.7882, 3211.3941, 1605.6971  ) ,
to point to the correct file location. (Don't worry about the scale
levels -- they don't matter.)

Copy the HTML from http://london.freemap.in/osm.html and put it
somewhere you want it to be.

If you have any questions about completing this process, please email me
off list.

I don't have any plans to maintain the current london.freemap.in sites,
as I'm told they're no longer useful due to the age of the data. If
someone is using this data for something, please let me know, and I will
make sure I take care of meeting your needs.

Christopher Schmidt
Web Developer

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