[OSM-dev] Dutch government will make ALL GIS data public (2007)

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Thu Jul 20 15:36:18 BST 2006

For your information:

All Dutch government will open up their data. This includes GIS data, 
raw road maps, tracks, etc. To give some commercial companies with their 
own charts time to switch to the new situation, the information is 
released in parts. Google Earth is a serious option to be the data 
storage, although nothing is definitive.

I have a claim open, if this data is insufficient. (Dutch Open 
Information Act.) But if I'll continue with this claim now it will 
probably be refused according to a lawyer at the department. Going into 
arrest to this refuse will you end up in 2007 anyway. Charts that are 
available now are bitmap charts of The Netherlands, I'll request one for 
the project.

Stefan de Konink

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