[OSM-dev] proposal to kill areas

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Thu Jul 20 16:08:43 BST 2006

> There are only 4 areas in OSM and osmarender treats certain tagged ways
> as an area. I figure it'd make the server simpler and make client area
> support simpler if 'area=true' on a way made it in to an area.
> Functionally, if they were working, an area is identical to a way
> already.
> Thoughts?

I am not very happy with an area defined as it is currently.

The problem I see is, that there are too many possibilities to specify an
ill-formed area.

I have no problem with deleting the 4 areas (probably test areas anyway?),
skip out the area feature from the server for now and maybe reopen the
brain storming for a different data structure solution.

Even if the current data structure is kept, I dislike the idea of
specifying an "area" as a parametrized kind of way.

Ciao, Imi

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