[OSM-dev] Using the API from the dev server: is it possible?

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Fri Jul 21 17:52:28 BST 2006

Tommy Persson wrote:

> It seems to be the RubyAddPath that is not working.  When I do
>      RubyRequire /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/apache/ruby-run
>      RubyRequire   
> /home/tompe/osm/svn/www.openstreetmap.org/ruby/api/apache/simple-auth
> some files are loaded but then some other files are not found.
> Anybody has any ideas about how to solve this?

I have actually managed to get this bit of mod_ruby to work, very  
bizarrely, by putting in a bit of debug code that writes out the paths  
to a file. It magically works after that - absolutely no idea why. I'm  
away from my development Mac atm but will try and remember to post the  
code on Monday (er, that's not an invitation for people to use my GPS  
tracks to find out where I keep my Mac, and steal it).

eruby, however, is proving a whole heap more problematic to get working.


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