[OSM-dev] new server feature requires apache conf update

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Tue Jul 25 22:55:16 BST 2006


I included a small change to the server in svn, which would make an
change in the apache config necessary.

The change is optional, but if done, then history requests can be called
with a comma-seperated list of ids additional to only one id.
E.g. /api/0.3/node/1,17,23,42/history

The change is to add ',' as a possible id modifier in the rewrite rule
for all history requests.

So as example "RewriteRule /api/0.3/node/([0-9]+)/history" will become
"RewriteRule /api/0.3/node/([0-9,]+)/history"

The apache config in svn-file
support/www.openstreetmap.org/openstreetmap-apache-conf is already
changed. Call to "svn diff openstreetmap-apache-conf -r 1190" to get a
patch ;)

I hope this change will improve the performance of the ongoing history
feature in JOSM (not much, but it helps a bit ;)

Ciao, Imi.

PS: Way history is broken. The dao.rb has changed it's get_multi()
function signature a while ago and get_multi_history() still calls the
old form. If nobody already knows a solution, I'll have a look on this?

PPS: Steve: If this breaks some rails convention, feel free to abandon
it or invent another notation. ;-)
(I am not sure about the configurablitiy of the rails dispatcher)

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