[OSM-dev] planet parsers?

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Jul 26 22:55:13 BST 2006

Nick Burch wrote:

> I've just ended up writing one in perl. It supports tags, and 
> references to missing nodes and segments. Only postgres support for 
> now, but it should be easy to just drop in the code for other 
> databases (I designed it with that in mind). Run it with -schema to 
> spit out a schema.

I've added MySQL support ($dbtype='mysql'). If you select this, it will 
load the data in accordance with the standard OSM database schema, so 
you can use it for setting up a test server. Hopefully.

You can also run it with -empty to clear the tables ready for uploading 
a new planet.

Now in svn.


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