[OSM-dev] Caching

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Sun Mar 26 11:32:14 BST 2006

 It's becoming clear that I'll have to do some caching with Freemap to 
speed rendering of tiles to the user, but this always leads to compromises 
in speed of download vs. storage space, as server-side caching is notable 
for eating through disc space.

 My initial thoughts would be to cache tiles as they are requested by 
users, keep them in the cache for say 14 days and (when OSM provides this 
functionality) run a cron job every night at say 3am which gets a list of 
changed tiles from OSM. Any thoughts on this?

Steve - btw would it be a bind for me to do this caching for Freemap on 
the dev server? 


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