[OSM-dev] Using Freemap map rendering code for OSM itself

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Mon Mar 27 14:37:48 BST 2006

Some very nice work's been done with SVG but it would also be good to have 
'pretty' maps on OSM itself.  Would there be interest in using my Freemap 
rendering code on the OSM server itself? It needs some work but it would 
be a starting point.  At the moment it renders many tagged segments and 
nodes and also includes NASA SRTM height data.

At the moment it communicates via the API. If it were to go on the main 
OSM server, should it continue to communicate via the API, or should it 
interact with the database itself?

The code's in PHP, as that is the scripting language I have most 
experience with, so if anyone wanted to hack on it they'd need to either 
know or be willing to pick up PHP. It uses the GD library to render PNGs.

Another thing I could do is define an XML schema for look and feel, much 
as Etienne's done with SVG.

I'll put it in subversion later today. In the meantime, any interest?


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