[OSM-dev] New on Subversion... Freemap rendering code

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Mon Mar 27 20:01:50 BST 2006

Hello everyone,

The Freemap rendering code is now available in the Subversion archive, under 
the directory 'freemap'. The entry point for the code which actually renders 
the map is 'drawmap.php'. 
So if anyone fancies the idea of using this code as a start point for more 
detailed OSM maps and knows/is willing to learn PHP, it's there...

Note that the NASA SRTM files (used to generate contours) have not been 
included in subversion due to their size. They can be downloaded from


The files are numbered by bottom left corner e.g. N51W001.hgt is the tile 
between 1W and the Meridian, and 51N and 52N.


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