[OSM-dev] Clarification on dev server problems

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Wed Nov 1 12:42:50 GMT 2006

>Matthew, Thanks for this.
>It appears dev can connect to any machine except ustile.npemap.org.uk.
>And any machine except dev can connect to ustile.npemap.org.uk.
>Perhaps drop a line to sysadmin of ustile.npemap.org.uk ?

(cc to David Sheldon)

Sorry I meant npemap.org.uk.

It suddenly stopped working at approximately 2355 UK time last night.

What I did, as a matter of interest, was got an OpenLayers-based slippy 
map of the NPE maps (with OSM footpath data overlaid on top). It worked 
for a while.... was meaning to announce it late last night :-(

It isn't that ustile.npemap.org.uk somehow blacklists clients that make 
more than X (where X would probably be no more than about 20) requests per 
minute would it? All it's doing is serving static images so (together with 
the fact that bandwidth isn't a problem) I'd be surprised it would be a 
major issue.


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