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Web editor folks may want to follow this discussion?



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Hi list,

I'm a bit behind with the whole vector discussion, since I'm on a tight
deadline to produce feature editing functionality. Building upon Patrice
work in Mapbuilder I wrote functionality to display features in SVG/VML
(Patrice work) and drag the vertices around and add/remove vertices.
Currently the application is behind a firewall, so I can only give you
all a screencast:
http://jana.geodan.nl/steveno/Untitled.html and you've to take my word
for it that it actually works both in FF and in IE. :)
This is how I like to see feature editing in our uber-webmap-client ;)

It works like this:
The feature is requested from geoserver as a GML. The GML is double
rendered: as a line and as a series of circles. On each circle there are
eventhandlers on mouseover,-out,-down,-up Depending if the add/delete
point function is enabled they behave differently (add a point, remove a
point, move a point). On the mouseup event the GML is updated and the
line is drawn again.

My question is if this can be done with canvas as well, since putting
eventhandlers on lines/points etc proves to be a very easy way to modify

The essential (very hackish) code is in


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