[OSM-dev] New tweaked version of JOSM for plugin developers

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Sat Nov 11 02:01:33 GMT 2006

I have tweaked the current (1.4) version of JOSM slightly to make certain 
things easier for plugin developers.

This tweaked version is available at


and source at


Specifically, I have made the ButtonGroup for user modes (add node, add 
segment etc) accessible to plugin developers (so that, for example, plugin 
developers can add a new mode button to the ButtonGroup).

I have also added a new method to SimplePaintVisitor called visitAll() which 
paints the nodes, segments and ways. The code has been transferred from 
OsmDataLayer. This is designed to make it easier for alternative renderers 
(e.g. the mappaint plugin) to render the data in a custom order (e.g areas 
before other ways)


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