[OSM-dev] MapFeatures.XML which one is right?

Joerg Ostertag (OSM Munich/Germany) openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Sun Nov 19 12:02:42 GMT 2006


> OK will have a go at adding stuff to the XML file. Guess everyone will have
> a slightly different idea as to what makes a good colour scheme for a map
> though, so we'll have to reach some sort of consensus.

I see some different MapFeatures.xml stylish files.

This is not the direction where we can get a consensus to our tagging scheme. 
What will happen: Someone just adds a tag to his favorite file and the tag 
gets rendered in his favorite application; but ... no one else will see this 
feature in any other map rendered by another application. So someone else 
invents another tag and then only adds it to his xy-feature.xml-style file. 
From now on we have two tags meaning the same but only half of them rendered 
in two osm-derivated-applications. But none of them rendered in every 
If you think this is good.... keep on going this way.
If not ....

So, please can we define a central MapFeatures.xml File (NOW!!!) which is the 
master of all derived xy-features.xml. I think only this way we can get our 
tagging system consistent.



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