[OSM-dev] mapnik compile, debian sarge

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Sun Nov 26 01:16:17 GMT 2006

Has anyone successfully compiled mapnik on debian sarge?

First, I'm getting errors during configure because scons doesn't seem to
include a -pthread in the boost threading tests. After hacking scons, I
get those tests to pass.

however, once I Get past that, and try the full build, I run into
various and sundry issues, like:


Which is the error I get when the Python bindings are turned on, or:


With no BINDINGS=none.

I have successfully built mapnik on debian unstable, but I'm having
these build problems on both my debian sarge boxes. 

Any help (or even telling me you haven't had these issues on debian
sarge) is appreciated.

Christopher Schmidt

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