[OSM-dev] ...more OSM coming soon

Nicola Ranaldo ranaldo at unina.it
Mon Nov 27 09:32:29 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 22 November 2006 12:05, Nick Black wrote:
> > > On 11/21/06, Nicola Ranaldo <ranaldo at unina.it> wrote:
> > > > Please may someone update news about tile rendering?
> > > > I'm waiting for about ten days and my area is still not ready...
> Rendering tiles takes time and processing power.  Why dont you render
> some tiles of your area and upload them to your dev account ?.  From
> there they can be very quickly and easily moved inot the tile
> directory.

I do not have a dev account, if i can obtain one i'll contribute to tile 
rendering of Italy. Howewer I think this has a sense only if the central osm 
server will never process my area (or not before an acceptable time).
Howewer in the next future, after the initial tile setup, we'll see tons of 
tiles rendering update requests! If the number of indipendent renderers will 
increase it will be hard to coordinate all them and put online their tiles.
So i do not know if this is the rigth way...
The problem is the absence of news and roadmaps. A lot of peoples requests to 
know at least the actual status of the project.
How will be long to render the entire world at each zoom level with the actual 
code? Is there a batch queue running for the world? wath's it rendering now? 
Has the foundation sufficient disk space to store *all* the tiles? :)
From other posts it *seems* actually the main priority is in rerender UK tiles 
to improve mapnik output. Is it true? Is someone working on tiles 
invalidation?. It would be very nice to have this informations in the Slippy 
Map wiki page.


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